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Getting a Chain Store Purchase Order TODAY!
You may have the perfect product for retail buyers. But if you don’t know what they specifically want – you will not get your products into stores! And you will waste everyone’s time. In this webinar we will be discussing how to get a purchase order from a chain store. 
What to Say to Chain Stores to Get Them to Buy!
Just because you identify exactly what retailers to go after, if you don’t present the right way, nothing else matters! These buyers are busy! Learn what to say to chain store buyers to get them to buy! This can be the difference between making millions of dollars with retailers!
Top Retail Expert Reveals Her Trade Secrets 
We will  be covering how the buying process works at chain stores, what makes a chain store buyer say YES to your product, what NOT to do when pitching chain stores and tips and strategies on exactly how to get started today no matter if you are a start up or advanced seller! 

Who Should Attend? 
  •  Physical Product Companies Who Just Want to Get Their Products on Store Shelves...NOW!
  •  Inventors and Product Creators Who Love their Product and Want to Generate Revenue ASAP (With Minimal Cost, Headache and Time)
  • eCommerce Sellers That Want to Expand into Retail Chains and Small Retailers as Well!
  •  Amazon Sellers That Want to Diversify Their Distribution Strategies By Selling into Retailers Today (and Increasing the Valuation of their Company by Diversifying) 
  •  Start Ups That Want to Get Rid of their Excess Inventory and/or Want to Ensure That Their Product's are Set Up Correctly For Chain Store Success (Packaging, Pricing, Shipping, etc.)
  •  Advanced Sellers (Distributors / Sales Reps / Retail Experts) That Want New Strategies to Expand Their Sales Opportunities - We Work with the Top Sellers in their Categories as Well! And Companies Who Sell Other People's Products...
  •  International Companies Trying to Break into the U.S. Retail Market as Quickly As Possible
  •  And Anyone That Just Wants to Know How to Get Their Products into Chain Stores (and Online Retailers) in a Fraction of the Time with a Paint-by-Numbers Proven Approach!

Retail Client Success Stories - Are YOU Next?
She Got a Vendor Number From BuyBuyBaby in a Week – Her Top 3 DREAM Retailer!
He Got His Product into 1000’s of Retailers Across the Country With Zero Experience!

This Mom Entrepreneur is Now in Major Retailers Sams Club, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, etc.

He Got His Product into Macy's Department Store - His Dream Retailer!

Her Board Game Got Picked up by Wal-Mart a Few Days After She Had a Meeting! 

She Got a 50,000 Unit Order Request from Michael's Stores within a Few Weeks!

He Got His Product into Home Depot, Lowes and HSN and QVC!

He Got His Products into 1000's of Retailers Throughout the Country!

This Canadian Entrepreneur Got Her Product into Canadian Retailers!

About Karen Waksman

Since early 2000's, Karen Waksman (Founder of Retail MBA) has sold millions of consumer products to the world's largest retailers and has taught 10,000+ physical product companies across the globe on how to approach, pitch an sell to major retail buyers. 

Karen's powerful proven, time-tested sales methodology has worked for physical product companies with zero sales experience or buyer relationships - to advanced retail sellers! 

More importantly, her clients have gotten their products into Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Kroger Grocery Stores, CVS, Macys, HSN/QVC, Groupon, Small Retailers and Much Much More with her proven paint-by-numbers approach to selling into retail chains!